Spotify Data Insights: Time to Outsmart the Competition

January 29, 2018

Big news! We’ve integrated Spotify playlist data into Audience Intelligence. For the first time, you can get a glimpse into the tracks that are on your attendee’s playlists, and use this knowledge to book the right talent for your next event. Excited? Read on for more details, or try Audiencetools for free.
As a sophisticated event marketer, you know that when it comes to digital advertising, data is where it’s at. Each online interaction, click and social share can be tracked; when enough data accumulates, you can find trends and actionable insights that let you make smarter decisions for your next marketing campaigns. Tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights provide a relatively straightforward way to work with marketing data.

If you feel like you’ve heard all of this before, that’s because you probably have. And so have all of your competitors in the event marketing space. Data-driven marketing is beyond mainstream; it’s common knowledge. And if everyone’s doing it, you might rightfully get a sense that it’s become something you have to do just to level the playing field, rather than gain an actual edge.

But you know what does give you an actual edge? Having data that none of your competitors have. Which is why you should hurry and sign up for Audience Intelligence before your competition finds out about our brand new feature: accurate, ready-to-use data about your attendees’ Spotify playlists.

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Meet your new secret data weapon.

If you’re already using Audience Tools, you’ll know that it offers some pretty nifty tools to encourage ticket buyers to follow your social channels. Now, if the same future-attendees have opted to share this data with you, you’ll not only get valuable social engagement – you’ll also get a ton of relevant information:

  • The registrant’s age, demographics and future events they plan to attend, via their Facebook profile;
  • A list of the users who are most actively engaged with your social media channels
  • Tracks and artists that appear on the registrant’s Spotify playlists – including aggregated information revealing the most popular items amongst the audience of any specific event.

All of these can be incredibly powerful data assets, but for now let’s focus on the last one – because that’s the one you’re not going to find anywhere else.

Why Spotify playlist data is exciting

For a savvy event marketer or festival promoter, having access to data about the specific tracks and artists your audience is listening to, in real-time, is almost a cheat code for your future events. If properly studied, it can reveal insights ranging from basic to game-changing, e.g.:

  • Finding new audiences to market your events to, both on and offline
  • Building more attractive lineups for future festivals
  • Understanding shifts in your audience’s musical preference over time

These are just a few examples off the top of our heads – the actual possibilities are near-endless. If you’re feeling extra data-savvy, you can even cross-reference this data with the other information you’re getting from Audiencetools and really get up close and personal with your audience. You can correlate average age to musical preference, popular genre to hometown – the world is your oyster!

Learn more

If you’re not sufficiently excited about our new data tools, you should probably take a few moments to see them in action. Get in touch today for a full demo.

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