Social Media Manager? Follow these 30 hyper creative brands for inspiration

January 31, 2018

As a Social Media Manager, you’re spinning a lot of plates.

Not only are you responsible for executing the most creative content campaigns, but you also have to keep up to date with the latest releases on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms, and make sure you’re reporting detailed analytics every month. Phew! That means that extremely important competitor research can often fall by the wayside.

However don’t worry, as we’ve developed this comprehensive list of brands who are killing it on social media. Do you need inspiration for your next social media campaign?
Get inspired with this list of innovative trail-blazers.

1. Field Day
Why not count down the days until your next event? The incredible Field Day festival in Sydney always draws a large crowd, and so they decided to build on the theme of excitement about their event on their Facebook Page by counting just how many sleeps everyone had left until they party hard. Genius.

2. Tomorrowland Belgium
The power of language can be used to captivate an audience online. If you’ve never heard of Tomorrowland, check out their fairytale inspired Youtube channel. The epic festival in Belgium combines dance music with playful, childlike wonder, as they use the language of children’s storytelling and fantasy to make the magic of the festival come alive.

3. Earth Frequency
Sometimes it’s best to let a picture speak for you. Instagram is the channel of choice for Earth Frequency, who showcase what a jolly good time everyone is having at their events. Pictures can convey a thousand words, so they let the raving do the talking, and follow it up with a multitude of hashtags.

4. Michelle McQuaid
Get excited! If you’re not buzzing about what your product or service does, no one else will be either. Michelle McQuaid is a world renowned Positive Psychologist based in Melbourne, and she engages on Twitter by showing her enthusiasm for what she does. She loves her job, and when you’re excited about a brand, it shows.

5. Hubud
When it comes to your event, think ‘location, location, location’. Hubud is a gorgeous coworking space in Bali made out of bamboo, and attracts remote workers from all over the world. On their Instagram page, they draw attention to the fact that they’re positioned in a stunning area – a great selling point, with a visual that captures a lot of attention.

6. Annie Tarasova
What are your core content themes? Australian Youtuber and Etsy artist Annie has attracted a legion of fans by producing thoughtful and innovative social media content. She’s become an influencer by rigidly sticking to themes such as spirituality, art and nature. By sticking consistently to your brand themes, you’re more likely to gain a loyal following.

7. Electric Daisy Carnival
When in doubt, ask a question to your community. Sensational dance event EDC in Las Vegas loves to engage their fans on Facebook by getting them excited about the fun experiences on offer. Asking your audience questions is key!

8. Mardi Gras Australia
If you want to get attention, pulling in the influence of a celeb isn’t a bad idea. Sydney Mardi Gras have enlisted the help of none other than the legendary Cher to help them out with their promotions. By tagging her in the post, she is also more likely to share with her millions of fans.

9. The Falls
Is there a different way you could look at your social strategy? Take a new perspective by sharing some aerial photography, like the fantastic Falls Festival did on Facebook with their super-impressive birds eye view shot of their event. Wow!

10. Project Rockit
Got coverage on local news? Shout about it, like Project Rockit, a youth charity did by posting their coverage on 9 News Melbourne, which got 1.1.k views. Media coverage is a great way to gain free publicity for your event, and ultimately sell more tickets.

11. Sensation White
Running a competition is always a great way to engage. Sensation Australia ran a fun competition that encouraged their community to guess how long it would take to run from one side of their stadium to the other! Sensation love our Audience Tools platform, and have successfully used it to take their online ticketing to the next level.

12. Dekmantel
Use a great graphic designer. If you’ve got a line-up to shout about, why not condense it into a funky, square, and neat little graphic, like Amsterdam based record label Dekmantel has done on Twitter. They showcase their entire line-up in a single image tweet, which is a great way for fans to see what they’ll be hearing at a glance.

13. Second Home
Utilise the power of the customer experience, like Second Home does. The gorgeous coworking brand, which has spaces across London and Lisbon, needs no introduction to potential consumers. It just needs to show a dreamy shot of your future desk space – seen here in this Instagram post, which features a beautiful array of green plants. With imagery, it’s always best to show the experience through the customer’s eyes.

14. Duarte
Cultivate mystery. It’s intriguing. Duarte are a top notch communications agency, based in California. They know that intrigue is one of the best ways to captivate an audience’s attention, and so their mysterious tweet asking ‘Why does Nancy write her books and talks in Powerpoint?’ is a sure-fire way to get those clicks coming in.

15. Creamfields
Who’s the most impressive person attending or playing at your event? Use the power of an influencer, and grab some of their content to promote yourself, like Creamfields have done on their Facebook page by sharing the mindblowing holographic stage visuals of Eric Prydz. People can’t stop commenting on it!

16. Above and Beyond
Be friendly! Social Media is not the place for formalities; you can be as informal as you like. Use emojis and friendly language to engage, as DJ trance giants Above and Beyond do in their tweets to fellow artists. Emojis can work really well if you’ve not got a lot of space.

17. Sonus Festival
If you can engage with humour, do it. Sonus is a beautiful little boutique festival in Croatia. They’re not afraid to make you laugh with their Facebook posts, and this quirky shot of djs hugging draws in the likes and reactions. If it aligns with your brand, a little injection of humour can go a long way into making people love your brand. Don’t be afraid to be funny!

18. Cirque Du Soleil
Utilise the power of the crowd. If you’re a world renowned brand like Cirque Du Soleil, it doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels when it comes to social media. Their Valentine’s campaign asked users to share their ‘love stories’ with the brand, and they amalgamated all the content into this cute little video for their Facebook page. The power of crowdsourcing content is wonderful if you have a large community to draw from.

19. Broadsheet Melbourne
Be a linguistic wizard like Broadsheet, Melbourne’s leading online magazine. They know that a play on words can work wonders on social. So on Instagram they announced their competition by including the words ‘Coffree’. You see the words ‘free’ and ‘coffee’ instantly, even though they’re connected together. Who wouldn’t want a free coffee, right?

20. Woodford Festival
Use the alphabet wisely. ‘Magic, memories, myth and mirth’ is how Woodford Folk Festival describes itself in this recent Facebook post. The power of alliteration is a strong way to get your message across. We love it!

21. Bestival
We love the colourful sights and sounds of Bestival, one of the UK’s craziest music festivals. It’s referred to as ‘the most colourful festival’, because they do things differently. By retweeting a fan’s praise for their female line-ups, Bestival put themselves ahead of the game. Toot your own horn on social media, don’t be shy!

22. ADE
Give them data, if they need it. The Amsterdam Dance Event, one of the most premier electronic music events in the Netherlands, shows how sharing a statistic about your event on social media can make your event seem more desirable. To get other people flocking to your channel, try collating some stats about your event that can be mixed with other media.

23. Edinburgh Fringe
Why not create your own hashtags like Edinburgh Fringe Festival, who have created the brilliant ‘BadJokeFriday’ on Facebook. When creating your hashtag, keep it consistent. Using a day of the week is great as it also allows your audience to look forward to your posts on that particular day. Do some research before you start to make sure your hashtag isn’t already being used elsewhere.

24. Australian Open
Why not make your social media into a game that everyone can play? The Aussie Open never fails to pull in a crowd, but their cheeky use of Twitter has got the fans talking. By posting photos of the players tattoo-adorned legs, this quizzical game of ‘Guess Who’ has got fans trying to beat each others score. By using social media in a fun way like this, you can create your own ‘games’ and encourage your audience to participate.

25. TOMS
Share your values. Don’t make the mistake of thinking all your social media posts have to be about your brand. They can be about your brand values, just as ethical footwear creator TOMS demonstrates on their Twitter page. By sharing a mindfulness quote from the renowned teacher Jon Kabatt -Zinn, they are reflecting who they are as a brand and what they are about. Share what you believe in!

26. Deliciously Ella
Social Media is social, right? Even though we’re connected through technology, It’s important to show your human side. Although Deliciously Ella has built up a fabulous brand focusing on plant based and healthy eating, as well as a restaurant, she is oh-so-natural here as she posts on Instagram about getting her hair cut in bangs.

27. Free People
It’s all about the keywords, baby. An overlooked aspect of social media strategy is that of SEO. The lovely clothing brand Free People know that SEO is especially important on places like Pinterest, so they descriptively label their shoe board, along with a link to buy the products.

28. The Gypsy Shrine
The Gypsy Shrine’s eye-catching embellishment store has caught the attention of many an adoring fan. They sure know how to utilise the power of collaboration on Instagram. By teaming up with other brands, and tagging them in your posts, you’re more likely to get your posts reshared by those brands too, which could double or even triple your reach!

We hope these brands have given you a taster of just how creative and compelling your social media campaigns could be! Feel free to reach out to us at Audience Tools for more ways to engage your fans and sell tickets.

29. The Female Entrepreneur Association
Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, knows how important it is to keep your brand palette consistent. Her main success on Facebook has been her continual posting of inspirational quotes. She sticks to her brand colours of pink, black, and gold, and this works well with her audience, who are all passionate female entrepreneurs.

30. Revolut
Revolut, a new app that promises to revolutionise the banking industry, has found it’s niche on Twitter by posting a series of funny .gifs. When you find what works for you, stick to it! Whether it’s humour, inspiration, knowledge, or aesthetics, if there’s something that gives you the edge online, don’t be afraid to use it. Here’s Revolut’s funny .gif ‘That moment when you unlock Crypto on your @revolut app’

We hope these brands have given you a taster of just how creative and compelling your social media campaigns could be! Feel free to reach out to us at Audience Tools for more ways to engage your fans and sell tickets.

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