Sell tickets using Social Checkout for increased conversions

Give fans the option to complete ticket purchases with their social media accounts for better sales and richer data

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Increase Conversions

Ensure you get the most ticket sales out of your web traffic by allowing ticket purchasers to complete their purchase using social media.

Designed for Mobile

With over 85% of conversions on event ticket pages coming from a smartphone and limited screen real estate available, simplifying the purchase process for fans has become increasingly important in driving conversions for organisers.

Better Understand Your Audience with Rich Data Insights

Social Checkout collects and analyses the data from social media platforms in order to provide you with insights that assist in perfecting your remarketing strategy. See things such as fans Spotify listening habits, Facebook interests and behaviours on other leading social platforms.

Make Purchasing Easier for Fans

Help your visitors get to the finish line of your checkout process faster. Social Checkout gives buyers the option to skip the tedious labour of filling out their name, email and other details, instead using their Facebook or Spotify accounts with the click of a button.