We’ve all experienced the maddening frustration of Facebook insisting to post your timeline update with a small thumbnail to the side of your content rather than a nice wide one underneath it, then refusing to change despite your repeated attempts to delete and re-post ad infinitum. That’s why we’ve created this handy resource that you can consult whenever you’re posting an update or creating an ad campaign on the most popular social networks. You’ll never post a mis-sized image again!

Use the tabs below to see the relevant specs and image sizes

Note: we strongly recommend going for the ‘ideal’ size to ensure your content looks great on all devices.

Facebook Profile, Cover, Timeline and Ad Image Specs

All image sizes in pixels (px)

For business pages and personal accounts

Profile photo

Minimum: 180 x 180
Ideal: 360 x 360

Cover photo

Minimum: 399 x 150
Ideal: 820 x 315
Facebook recommends using an sRGB JPG file that is sized at less than 100 kilobytes.

Events cover photo

Minimum: 1200 x 628
Ideal: 1920 x 1005

Shared images

Minimum: 200 x 200
Recommended: 600 x 315
Ideal: 1200 x 630
Note: you can go above the recommended dimensions, but maintaining the same aspect ratio will ensure your image is not cropped and that you get that nice wide thumbnail photo on shared links.

Images in ads

Minimum: 600 x 315
Ideal: 1200 x 630
Note: According to Facebook advertiser guidelines, the image cannot contain more than 20% text. Keep this in mind as your ad will get disapproved for failing to comply!

Twitter Profile, Header, Stream and Ad Image Specs

All image sizes in pixels (px)

Profile photo

Minimum: 200 x 200
Ideal: 400 x 400


Ideal: 1500 x 500

Shared photo in stream

Minimum: 440 x 220
Ideal: 506 x 253
Notes: Try to maintain at least 2:1 aspect ratio to avoid Twitter stretching the image.

Website card ad

Recommended: 800 x 320

Instagram Profile, Square, Vertical and Horizontal Image Specs

All image sizes in pixels (px)

Profile Picture

Recommended: 110×110

Instagram Stories

Recommended: 1080 x 1920

Square image

Recommended: 1080 x 1080

Vertical image

Recommended: 1080 x 1350

Horizontal image

Recommended: 1080 x 566

Snapchat Image and Ad Specs

All image sizes in pixels (px)

Photos taken with Snapchat

All images taken in-app will be 1080 x 1920. Custom filters should also be in this size.


Recommended dimensions: 1080 x 1920

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