How to add multiple links to your Instagram bio

May 17, 2018

Want to get more out of your Instagram bio?

Despite the many changes and new features added to the Facebook-owned photo sharing platform, Instagram over the years, one thing that has remained a constant headache for brands and events is the inability to add more than one clickable link to a profile page.

Whilst it might be easy to get distracted by selfies and photos of avocado toast, Instagram is still a marketing channel, and with over 800 million monthly active users, it’s an essential platform for reaching your target audience and selling tickets.

So what do you do in the situation where you have a different ticket link for each city of a tour? Or if you’re searching for a way to promote two different events at the same time? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 tools for adding multiple links to your Instagram bio.

1. Audiencetools

Developed with event organisers and marketers in mind, Audiencetools allows you to create your own ‘mini-website’ which can host unlimited links for you to direct people to from your Instagram bio.

The Audiencetools platform gives you the freedom and creative flair of a full website, making it easy to add your own artwork and customise the colour scheme, all while still keeping the set up process incredibly quick – you can sign up and build your mini-site in less than 5 minutes!

In addition to giving you one link to use in your Instagram bio, Audiencetools is also designed to increase your social media engagement across all the happening platforms. Within the easy-to-use builder, you have the ability to add your links to your social profiles, as well as as your pixel tracking codes from Facebook and Google Analytics in order to build effective remarketing audiences – just like a real website!

Audiencetools is FREE to sign up and use, and doesn’t hide any of it’s best features behind a paid or ‘pro’ service. Plus, if you’re looking for additional ways to boost your event marketing and social media reach, check out the pre-sale competition tool or referral sales mechanic, all managed through the same platform.

2. Linktree

Similar to Audiencetools, Linktree gives you one link to place in your Instagram bio so that you can share multiple items of content with your followers. The tool is accessible to everyone and easy to use, requiring only an Instagram account to get started.

When someone clicks through from the link in your Instagram bio, they see a page with multiple links that you want to share, such as your ticket link, merchandise shop or a recent feature story. You can share up to 5 different links, which should be more than enough for content, however this number also includes your social media links if you choose to share them – something that doesn’t present as an issue through above-mentioned Audiencetools.

Linktree offers two versions of it’s platform – one free with limitations on design and retargeting options, and then a ‘pro’ version which gives users more options of pre-set themes, pixel integration and traffic insights.

The Linktree service is easy to use, however isn’t designed to do anymore than act as a basic landing page for the links you want to share direct through Instagram. Because of this, you aren’t able to add your own creative flair, or customise the experience based on fan feedback – something to consider when using Instagram in order to convert ticket sales for your upcoming event.


3. Your Own Website

If you are serious about controlling your event’s branding, as well as the experience that users have when they follow one of your calls-to-action, it’s worth considering creating a simple alternative through your own website.

Of course setting up and maintaining a functional website for your event is an investment of both time and money, however if you have a lot of information to share with fans, or want to do more with your analytics tracking and remarketing efforts, going down this route is highly recommended.

If you already have a site that you have paid someone to bring to life, have a word with them to discuss the best way to build a landing page which you can send people to via one link in your Instagram bio.

The benefits? Directing all traffic to your website will help it rank better overall with search engines such as Google and you control the way your fans interact with your event’s brand from start to finish, resulting in more effective marketing efforts and increased ticket sales.

So, which option is best for me?

Setting up your own custom-branded website will always be the most professional way to go about promoting your event. This option gives you complete freedom to do what you want not just in your Instagram bio, but also across the greater web.

If you’re not keen on the complex set up process or paying annual fees, Audiencetools is your best bet. By setting up your mini-site through Audiencetools, you get the best of both worlds – a customisable web page that looks great on desktop and mobile, analytics integration and one link to direct people to from your Instagram bio, all within a simple, two-step builder.

Keen to give Audiencetools a go and see what the fuss is about? Set up your FREE min-site now!


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