Tracking Links

Tracking links let you create shortened and trackable links. Shortened links are easier and more elegant to share across your social media platforms, while simultaneously tracking the traffic from each channel and key info on the channel’s audience.

Setting up tracking links easily lets you track and measure the performance of your marketing campaigns and how they relate to overall ticket sales.

By clicking on the “Create Shortened Link” button, you get a pop-up where you can input all data necessary for the creation of a tracking link.

Here is an overview of the compulsory fields:

  • URL – The URL you wish to track clicks for
  • URL Domain Selection – Customise your shortened link domain for your tracking link (e.g.

Add optional tracking tags to track your URL via Google Analytics or similar services.

  • Source – The referrer (Google, newsletter)
  • Campaign – The name of the campaign you want to track
  • Medium – The marketing medium (cpc, banner, email)
  • Term – The paid keyword
  • Content – Describe the content to differentiate ads

You can also add optional AUDIENCE TOOLS TAGS for easier reporting and management. These will appear in the tracking link.