How Does Ticket Upsell (Post Purchase) Rewards Work?

Audiencetools is always working to help you drive more ticket sales, one of our flagship features Post Purchase Rewards incentivises your ticket buyers to promote your event an in return gain points for which you the event organiser can designate rewards for fans who have helped drive your ticket sales.

Ticket Buying Process:

For those customers accessing your ticketing pages normally they will be introduced to the rewards program after successfully purchasing tickets (and thus not interrupting the purchase experience).

The modal explains how the process works as well as sharing the unique tracking code for this particular purchase. This tracking code is the link that customers will share with their friends on social media and via email. Audiencetools will automatically track the amount of link clicks + tickets purchased via this special link.

Customers will also receive an email from Audiencetools to the address they provided with checking out, providing them a copy of the reward details and a copy of their special tracking link.

Alongside that tracking link the customers also receive a unique link to track the progress of their promotional efforts and any rewards they’re entitled to should they sell the amount of tickets required (these will be highlighted in the table.)

Administering The Process:

Audiencetools also provides an accessible report for you to pull stats regarding the state of your promotion, how much additional traffic, how many tickets sales, what revenue and your key performers. Audiencetools keeps a continuous link to Ticketbooth / Showclix ticketing platform so we will continue to update the stats as sales come through.

Issuing Rewards:

The actual issuance of rewards remains your teams responsibility and while Audiencetools will attempt to send you automated reminders it will be up to your staff to contact winners and distribute any entitled rewards. Depending on the type of rewards issued we recommend closing the promotion 24 hours before your event to give you enough time to plan fulfilment of the rewards.

Backdating Messaging:

If you’re starting the promotion late Audiencetools can issue an email to prior ticket holders with a tracking link in order for them to participate also. We advise mentioning this on your social networks and other communication channels so that attendees can be aware of the promotion and look out for it in their inbox.