Set up a Presale Campaign

Applications are a core feature of Audiencetools. Create applications to engage your audience and drive shares, likes, sign-ups, comments and more.

By creating an application you’ll get a stand alone page to share with your audience. This will allow your fans to pre-register for your event, and also reward your patrons for engaging on social media. By incentivising your attendees with free tickets, coupons, etc. you’ll drive engagement and create a buzz around your upcoming event!

Creating an application requires a simple 5 steps:

Step 1 – Application Setup

Enter the details for your application to get started.

  • Internal Application Name – Internal name for your application
  • Application URL – Customise the application URL
  • Title – The name of your application page which displayed on the page
  • Application Start and Closing Times – Define the date and time for when registration open and close
  • Hero Image – Upload a banner to the header section of your application page
  • Background Image – Upload a background image
  • Background Colour – Choose a background colour
  • Description – Describe your application
  • Competition – For if you are running the application as a competition

Step 2 – Custom Questions

This section will let you add custom questions to your applications. Choose between text input or multiple choice for attendees responses.

Step 3 – Social Follow

This section dictates which social media platforms your attendees can follow your event on. Enter the URL of your social profile to connect the accounts. Customise your Social Follow Message to encourage fans.

Step 4 – Social Share

Social Share lets you toggle your social media accounts on and off, as well as customise your messaging.

Step 5 – Confirmation

In the final step, you can enter a confirmation message to let attendees know their signup was successful. You can also directly encourage them to hit attending on your Facebook event here.