Create A Ticket Sales Upsell Campaign

The following article details how to setup a Post Purchase Campaign. Currently Audiencetools only supports events listed with Ticketbooth ( or Showclix (

If you’re wanting to engage in a Post Purchase Campaign for your event please contact your ticketing account manager – who will be able to provision your account with Audiencetools access.

Reward Page Layout:

Creating A Campaign

Step 1: Contacting Your Ticketing Account Manager

Your ticketing account manager will grant Audiencetools API access to your account in order for us to access the relevant data in order to contact attendees, and generate tracking tags to monitor referral traffic to your event page.

Step 2: Select Post Purchase From The Audiencetools Admin

Select “Create Program”, you will be prompted with a wizard outlining the various  details we need to create the program.

  • Program Title: This is used to identify your campaign and some customer facing messaging.
  • Program Organisation: This is used to tie the program to your ticketing account – ensure you select the correct account in order for the program to work correctly.
  • Program Description: This is shown to customers on the referral ranking pages.
  • Program Header Text: This field is used to outline details about the campaign – a good call to action should be placed here.
  • Program Description Text: Further instructional information for customers, it’s a good idea to add additional information about the program here.
  • Program Footer Text: Handy for sharing contact details or short disclaimers.
  • Contact Email : This field is used for automated emails from the Audiencetools platform regarding rewards reached and a digest closer to the program close date.
Step 3: Specify Which Events Are To Be Included In The Program

Audiencetools can support multiple events to be included in the one post purchase program (your Audiencetools account manager can assist with this). The additional fields shown here set the referral page branding and email template used for contact customers. More than likely the same assets used for your event page will work here.

Ensure you set the Event & Seller fields as this will impact the way we format the rewards calculations. If you’re unsure please contact your account manager.

Step 4: Setting Which Price-Levels Are Eligible

It’s not uncommon for events to have some price-levels such as free child and other discounted levels which could skew the reward attribution. This step allows you to specify which of your event price-levels count towards a reward.

Step 5: Specify Reward Schedule

The final step allows you to specify the rewards an attendee can potentially score, these are based on the amount of tickets referred and maybe modified retroactively.

An example of a rewards table can be seen below – the two fields dictate the message used when an attendee hasn’t reached that reward yet & the message shown when they successfully reach that reward.

Step 5.1: Creating A Reward

When creating rewards there is a few options / fields we require. These are outlined below.

  • Reward Name : This is an internal name used to identify the reward to your team.
  • Reward Type : Gift is an item or reward that’s a one off item (like a VIP ticket). Rebate allows you to offer a discount on tickets already purchased, this is an advanced mode and will require Audiencetools Client Support to assist.
  • Description: This is shown to attendees on the referral page and is displayed when they haven’t yet reached that reward.
  • Description Earned: This is shown to attendees when they reach the reward, it allows you to modify the message to make it clearer to attendees.
  • Min Tickets: This is the minimum amount of eligible tickets the attendee needs to refer in order to reach the reward.