Audiencetools does what is says on the tin

It hands you the tools to utilise your most valuable asset: your audience.


Incentivise social sharing by offering unique prizes for those who earn the most points. In turn, you’ll build a database of engaged attendees, increase positive brand awareness, and boost sales.

Start For Free

Step 1

Set up your branded registration page so your fans can sign up to start earning points.

They can either register with Facebook or create an account using their email address.

social media

Step 2

Next, you can determine the value of an action. Decide that sharing your event on Facebook is worth 10 points, or sending the event to a friend via Messenger is worth 15 points.

You have the power to choose the kind of exposure you want to harness from your fans.

Step 3

Decide what your top point scorers can win. You can choose to give away free tickets, backstage experiences, merchandise or whatever you want.  

The shinier the prizes, the higher the impact of your campaign, which means more ticket sales for you.