Learn more about your fans with Audiencetools Insights

Our supercharged Spotify integration helps you discover the artists your fans are listening to the most and apply this knowledge to your marketing strategy.

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Who’s eligible?

Our Intelligence program helps event organisers, venues and artists gain a deeper understanding of what their fans are interested in, as well as their behaviours across social media and past purchasing habits.

Currently in BETA, the newest integration allows Audiencetools users to unlock powerful insights using data collected via fans Facebook, Twitter & Spotify accounts. Generating lists such as ‘Most Listened to Songs‘, ‘Most Popular Artists Among Demographic within 60 Days’ and ‘Top Genre by Location’, the world-first application helps to improve marketing techniques, sell more tickets and increase sponsorship value.

How does it work?

When registering their interest in an event or ticket pre-sale, fans are encouraged to ‘Login via Social ’ in order to quickly pre-fill their details and earn more chances to win.

Similar to the ‘Log In with Facebook’ button that is currently available, this action grants event organisers access to the behavioural data and insights from the users Spotify account, whilst simultaneously building a larger following on specified artist profiles or playlists.

How does this help my events?

Designed to complement the data already collected and stored within your Audiencetools Intelligence HQ, the new Spotify integration provides an even deeper understanding of what your fans are interested in.

The ability to analyse your fans listening habits alongside their purchase history and behaviours on other leading social platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, helps you to build a comprehensive understanding of what they want to see.

The knowledge gained can be applied to your marketing strategy, removing any guesswork from the way that you are promoting your events. With such rich information at your fingertips, you can be confident about building your fan engagement and selling more tickets.