In 2017, Sensation announced they would be bringing their ‘Celebrate Life’ event to Australia for the first time. Held at Spotless Stadium within Sydney Olympic Park, a venue capable of holding 50,000 people, the festival needed to build a strong marketing campaign in order to reach the required number of fans.

Type of Event
Electronic Music Festival

Sydney, NSW, Australia


Features used
Website Tools, Pre-sale Pages, Post-purchase Referrals, Audience Intelligence

The goal: Grow a social following from scratch to secure a full house

Sensation had to build a following for brand new Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts in order to generate enough hype around the event to sell tens of thousands of ticket. With just 6 months until the start of ticket pre-sales, it was clear that a focused and effective marketing strategy would be required in order to achieve these goals.

We needed an event marketing platform that could help us build engagement across multiple social channels, and so it was clear that Audiencetools was the way to go.

-Simon Lovell, Marketing Manager, Sensation

The solution: Non-stop social media, email and web engagement for a sold-out event

In May 2017, the group launched Sensation Australia, and began their digital marketing campaign. Using the Audiencetools platform and with the help of the Audiencetools team, the Sensation crew rolled up their sleeves and started growing their online audience across channels.

Acquiring 20,000 new followers and selling thousands of tickets during the pre-sale

The first step was to create an Audiencetools pre-sale registrations page, and to drive relevant traffic there using paid advertising on social, inclusions in industry publications and supporting ATL marketing. This resulted in 21,308 pre-sale registrations, 11,042 new followers on social media, and 7,836 shares.

Once tickets became available, the organisers used Audience Intelligence to export the contact details of the fans who signed up for pre-sale, regardless of the method they used to do so – email, Facebook or other.  They could then send out relevant messaging across all marketing channels, including email, SMS messages with instant click-to-purchase CTAs which generated 75% of sales, publishing posts on Sensation’s Facebook pages , and targeted remarketing. By building this multi-channel engagement, Sensation was able to truly capitalise on the audience it had built during the pre-sale period, culminating in over 35% of online tickets sold via pre-sale

The results we saw during pre-sale left us stunned by exceeding all of our expectations, by far.”

-Tommy Rodrigues, Event Promoter, Sensation

Turning pre-sale registrants into ticket buyers via Email, SMS and Web Marketing

Sensation’s on-sale campaign lasted for about 5 months, which meant it was critical for them to keep the buzz going. Using Audiencetools, Sensation was able to easily launch a post-purchase referral program, incentivising ticket buyers to get their friends on-board for the event, and further leveraging its existing audience. Sensation used automatic email reminders to stay the front of people’s minds, and make sure referrals kept coming in. The results? Hundreds of tickets sold through referrals and $34,221 in revenue.

Tracking performance across channels

By creating and tagging custom links through the Audiencetools Campaign Builder, Sensation was able to track every click on each marketing campaign throughout the pre-sale and on-sale periods. These insights then allowed the team to adjust existing marketing strategies, including extending or shortening campaigns based on performance, closing channels that brought in no results and re-applying tactics from campaigns that converted to sales.

The Results

Sold out!

By making full use of the event marketing tools provided by Audiencetools and implementing intelligent, creative marketing campaigns across multiple channels – web, social, email and SMS – the organisers successfully managed to pack the house at Sensation Australia, while also building a sizeable audience on social media.

Sensation Australia was a hit, and Audiencetools was an integral part of our success. We were delighted to work with the platform and with the Audiencetools team, and are absolutely thrilled with the results.”

– Simon Lovell, Marketing Manager, Sensation

50K tickets sold
20K new followers acquired after starting from 0
Valuable insights gained in the process

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