ASOT (A State of Trance) is a radio show, record label and also hosts annual episodic celebrations in the Netherlands and abroad. Lead by legendary DJ Armin Van Buuren, it is considered a must-attend for fans of trance music worldwide.

Set to appear in Sydney in April 2018, ASOT wanted to fully leverage Spotify as a means to engage and communicate with its fanbase

Type of Event
Trance Music Festival

Sydney, NSW, Australia


Features used
Gamification, pre-sale promotions, Spotify integration

The goal: increase Spotify subscriptions and engagement

With a strong and established audience, ASOT wanted to use the full potential of Spotify to keep fans updated and hyped for the upcoming event – and so the organisers looked for a way to increase Spotify subscriptions and increase fan engagement on the app.

The solution: encourage Spotify subscription through gamification

ASOT launched a pre-sale campaign at the announce of the event. As part of the pre-sale, fans were awarded points for following ASOT’s various social media profiles – and by awarding more points to Spotify followers, ASOT subtly nudged them towards this channel over others, leading to a major boost in subscriptions.

ASOT could then build on these insights to run highly effective promotions on Facebook and Instagram, connect with more fans in a highly engaging way, and ultimately create a significant increase in ticket sales.

The Results

3372 new social media followers acquired
834 new Spotify subscribers
Highly targeted Facebook campaigns
Overwhelmingly positive fan response