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Boost Your Events Conversion Rates with Audiencetools Social Checkout

July 3, 2018

Give fans the option to complete ticket purchases with their social media accounts for better sales and richer data

The conversion rate of your ticket sales page or website, meaning the percentage of people who visit your page and proceed to successfully complete a purchase, can be the deciding factor between a sold-out event and a failed one.

Even if you’ve done everything right up until that point, got tons of pre-sale registrations, run awesome online promotions for your event and reached all the right people, none of it will make a difference if these people don’t end up buying a ticket.

Today we’re giving you a simple way to boost your conversion rates, ensure you’re getting the most ticket sales out of your web traffic, while also capturing accurate data and increasing your social media reach – all by enabling users to complete the checkout process using their social media account, rather than filling in their details in a form.

Skip the hassle, auto-fill forms with social media

Checkout with Social, which is currently only available for Audiencetools customers who are using Ticketbooth as their ticketing provider, helps you get visitors to the finish line of your checkout process. Now you can give buyers the option to skip the tedious labour of filling out their name, email and other details, instead using their Facebook or Spotify accounts with the click of a button.

This is especially useful on mobile devices, which are generally much less comfortable to type on. But on any device, 86% of users report being sick and tired of creating accounts – which is why you should take that extra step to make your fans’ lives that much easier.

Luckily, with Audiencetools’ Checkout with Social, that extra step is also pretty easy on your end – here’s how it works: You don’t need to do any coding or to integrate third-party tools; simply login and link your ticketing page.

Get accurate data during the checkout process

Besides making it easier to buy tickets, Checkout with Social is highly advantageous when it comes to understanding your audience through data:

  • Your data will be more accurate since buyers won’t be able to give false details.
  • Your data will be more detailed since you can tap into additional data points via Audiencetools social media integration.

In light of the above, you might actually want to go beyond giving buyers the option, and actively encourage them to use their social media accounts while purchasing – which is why we’ve given you the option to offer a discount for fans who use social checkout.

Take the opportunity to incentivise shares

While you’re at it, and since visitors have already logged in with social media, you might as well go ahead and give them the option to share – we’ve got you covered in that area with the option to reward post-purchase referrals with cash back, merchandise or other unique offers.

Want to learn more?

Want to get started or get a personalised demo? Get in touch with one of our experts to integrate Checkout with Social in your events, or try it yourself by creating an account.

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