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By March 26, 2018Data

Using a street team of promoters and event ambassadors to sell hard tickets to your event is a great way to increase revenue whilst ensuring your event is being consistently talked about amongst peer groups. In recent years there has been a push to move completely online for both marketing and sales in recent years, however removing this on-ground promotion for events is not yet viable within some event organiser’s marketing strategies.

Despite the many benefits, the one major downside for selling hard tickets within today’s digital society has been the inability to collect data from any buyers purchasing a physical ticket. The collection of this data is especially important to those event’s looking to move away from hard-tickets for future years, as without putting a promotion team on the ground again, they have fewer ways to contact ticket purchasers from previous events.

Once impossible to obtain, Audiencetools now gives you the ability to collect valuable customer data from your hardcopy ticket sales. Our Ticket Registration tool provides a platform where fans can ‘activate’ their hard ticket for the event, registering their ticket under their own details in case lost or stolen and capturing that sweet, sweet data for you.

From an email address and demographic information, to high-level tracking pixel data, attendee information is how you get the insights you need to manage and grow your event. Without it, you’re hindering your future marketing potential and ability to attract sponsors who require a breakdown of who exactly will be attending your event.

The data captured can be added to your email marketing list for future years, as well as used to build ‘lookalike’ audiences within Facebook in order to remarket the current and future events to. Plus, hardcopy registrations pages can be branded to match your website in order to assure customers they are registering their ticket through an official process.

Interested in getting hardcopy ticket registration set up for your event? Get in contact with us today by dropping us a line at [email protected] so that we can get the ball rolling!

We can’t wait to help you take your event to the next level and grow your event marketing database!


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